Hello world!

Hello world. こんにちは世界。여보세요-세계,

This blog is pretty much about me(nyko), and my likings, everything that interests me. Which is mostly Japanese & Korean Culture(Music;Art;Anime; Anime Figures;Kpop/Jpop;Idols;the Language;the People;the Cities;their Country). And also everything that will go on from now until i finally get over their, which is my number one goal(s). My #1 place i’d love to visit is, Tokyo, Japan. My #2 is Seoul, S. Korea. My #3 would probably be Hong Kong, China. The list goes on from there. but those are my top 3. So, I made myself a promise that I will study their culture and learn their language. :3 I already some-what know of their pop culture but i’d also like to learn their history too.

One day i will be blogging about being over their and my experiences over their. So, this will document me on how i will get their….and what i did to get myself their.  WAIT How “will” I get their?!?




p.s This is my first ever blog…/ blog entry…/blog period.