So, I haven’t been on here in a month and i know no one even knows my blog exists. I am just looking for something interesting to blog about right now.  So if you read this when people start to read my blog and posts….yeah i know bumpy road to where i got to(i guess :/)

So! Anyways my plans in order for me to get me to where i want to go. which is asia!~ (ex. Seoul, tokyo.. etc) and right now i am currently into the trades work, which is the only place where i can make money fast. cuase I really want to get me over there within the year. or atleast take a trip down there. So, yeah 23+/h should do it, considering i already have a fair amount of money saved up. So, there ya have it. i will make it one day, and you ppl who read this will know how i did it.

Photo on 2009-10-01 at 19.49 #2











p.s I finally don’t have a so-called best friend to hold me back on my dream. instead of following there’s.

these past couple of months i’ve been really spiralling out-of-control, with going out every weekend and party, my so-called best friend always dragging me down. i was so vulnerable, stupid, and…just dumb to let someone manipulate me like that. Just being with my friend made me feel depressed every morning i got up. but now that that is past, which i really hope is. i can move on, with this job and the will to get me where i want to be 🙂 think positive, i do not regret because i’ve learned and grown up a little because of it. So, there ya go and here i take off :3


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