ok so I don’t have anything to do till monday the 16th(nov) So I figure I am going to be doing either a lot of driving and or photo blogging for the next 4 days. and perhaps I will be on to work soon after the following monday. or atleast looking for work. “Money Bug” I think is what they call it?! definition: a person who is greedy with money; or, a person who always working; Working hard to get a lot of money. I believe that’s the saying :/ but that’s going to be me, i am really trying to move out on my own, and saving up for school and trips to asian in 2010. If it’s anybody i know I can do it. Fighting! This month i hope to get more ppl looking at my blogs. so i am going to be doing a lot of experimenting with a few things. Brain storm, and web searching. Anyways, this is Nyko from his moms basement :p saying Sayounara, or Ja Ne for now :3 *computer end blog enrty* :p



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