Forever waiting…

The reason the butterfly loves the flower, is becuase the flower stands still and waits for the butterfly. The flower doesn’t cry as it waits, it merley blooms then fades.

ask yourself if your the butterfly or the flower? the butterfly is usually the someone who is always away, and almost never get to see. but when you do, you feel like you can move on. only for that momen, simply with their presence you can somewhat live and smile another day. The flower is usually that someone who will always wait for that beautiful butterfly to come around and bless you with it’s presence.

^^^ that’s the beautiful side of a story, on the same lines. and probably more along the lines of real life. Reality if you will. but….

like the story of the owner and the dog. The dog so loyal and the owner somewhat not very thoughtful or thankful amd not knowing to whomself of what he/she really has. The owner leaves the dog, the dog not knowing that the owner will never return. The Loyal dog will wait for it’s owner to return, loyal and stubborn as he/she is, they will probably wait forever. Not knowing they will never return to you.


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  1. Bbyongie
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 06:05:47

    I first saw that beautiful poem in a korean variety show, and i was wondering if you knew its korean title ? Because I really wanted to learn how to write it in korean ^^ I know it’s an old post (2009 kkk) But if you perhaps know about it, please let me know 🙂
    Nice blog btw 😉


    • nyko119
      Apr 16, 2011 @ 15:48:44

      I believe it was We got married. Possibly either with Alex And Shin Ae, or Hwanhee and Hwyobi. I know it’s season one and forward form there.
      Your right it’s hard to remember. I could be wrong. but i was heavily into We got married. I would start with Alex and shin ae. cuase there romance was really good. Sorry if i’m not any help.
      And thanx :3


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