it’s about time to get off that leaf in the pond and explore.
And i feel like 2thousand and Ten is that year to get going.

my whole life i felt like all i knew was what i was taught and knew was, well what i knew. just like the frog in the pond.
The frog on the leaf in the pond, what he knows is the best, and all he knows is all that there is to it.
which i think means is… all that you know is what you know, and you think what you know is the best. which probably isn’t you need to have a more open mind, and have opinion on other things. especially in other parts of the world. and i feel like my environment is quite small once you think about it. so i want to expand on what my eyes see and what my ears hear. therefore i want to…i guess i’m lost for better words but, to get things going.
no more staying in my comfort zone on my leaf, time to move forward with things.


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