Digital Design….

Ok, so this whole blog is..well was basically me trying to get to Japan or Korea. But i feel like i should explore more fields than just Asian. but rather than what i am inspiring to do, and that’s well uh basically what the title of this post says. And also explore the fields of photography, ever since high school i wanted to do photography. I was always an artist(?) well my mother always said, and people always told me that i was good at drawing. And so, art is what i want to go into. In all fields of art wether it be photo, or digital design, or video game design, and even Animation. So with the job i am getting i got to also save up for that. which is going to be very difficult. but impossible is nothing, or it can’t be done, if i have two feet and a brain 😛 it shall be done. I’m only trying to do what i want to do, and be where i want to be. Anywhere but here…

ps. i totally forgot to add where it is that i want to enrol in, The Vancouver film school. not only does it have film but all the form of “arts”. acting, television media, and whatever. all that stuff.

-late night post/to early to even be up post :/


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