Why do you like SNSD? One Sones Story.

This year (august) marks the 4th anniversary of Girls Generation.

I wanted to make another post about Girls Generation. (FYI my only popular posts) anyways. . .

I feel every Sone has their own story about how they came to know these 9 beautiful, wonderful girls. And why they are so crazed and can’t get enough of them. So here’s one Sones story…

Some Q’s & A’s I have written myself to ask myself :3

The Huge question is ” Why do you like Girls Generation?”

For, I think every sone out there, that’s a big question. Don’t you think?

why? First I might want to ask when and then answer how. The how I first Found out about SNSD. I’ll start with the 5 first Q’s, Who? What? Where? When? & end with the important, How? And eventually will end up with the Why(?) all together.

Who? SNSD.

What? The Craze for the Girls.

Where? Internet.

When? About 2 years ago. about this time. Maybe Mid-End of July 2009. (Edit: Accordingly to my i-tunes purchase and history of when SNSD “GEE” was DL’d, on June 30th 2009).

How? Well, I was maybe into Asian(foreign) Music for maybe less than a year before that, then expanded into the K-pop scene. So, I was searching the web, and came across the website Asian Poses Dot Com. and I followed them for a few weeks, perhaps months. They uploaded a Video of, as fate would have it, Girls Generation’s MV (Music Video) for “Gee”. They stated it had many “asian poses” in the MV. So I watched the video, and I was immediately. . . “Awed”(?) by the video. What caught my eye, was the pretty girls dancing on and around the screen. And while I was watching it I noticed the language sounded different too. Different from my J-pop and J-rock, my norm at the time. It was strange to me then, and to a naive young adult( also cause a person like me has many interests and hobbies, why do I need another one? was in my mind at the time) I automatically ignore it, and cont to watch the video of these pretty, cute, and sexy girls dance around the screen. But then realized later, I was Humming the song! At work, at home, everywhere. “Gee Gee Gee Gee, Baby Baby baby”. I Dl’d it and sang it alot. I watched the video 9 Different times to watch every girls performance and dance place in the MV. It was crazy. The rest was history. At the same time it was there comeback with “Genie” and it was even more of a Craze. Let’s just say it grew from there. And is, and will forever grow.

So that’s the how. Now how about we go into a little bit more depth.

Why do you like SNSD? And the effect is has and had on me.

I’ll also point out a few things first. then answer why I like about the particular things listed, and go from there. (a little bit of a criteria of what I will write ^^)

1. The girls individually. (each one has there own charm, and personality)

2. Their Image. (The SNSD Image and Concepts)

3. Their Music. (The songs, albums, Mini’s, Digitals)

4. The Multi-cultured Fans from around the world.

i couldn't find fan pics so flags are fitting 😀

5. How the Girls changed my life.

It’ll be fitting to list nine, but honestly every one of those has many sub level answers. So, it will be an essay of a blog post. Either way, I have nothing but good things to say about what I have and will write about them 🙂

I’ll start off with #1. The girls.

Perhaps it’s them why we Sones are who we are (Obviously) and that’s SNSD fans (Sone).

Taegang’s, Gorgess’, Sunshinner’s, Fany’s, HyoHunnie’s, Yurisistable’s, SooYoungster’s, YoonAddict’s, Seomate’s. No matter who your a fan/Spazzer of, We’re all Sones. and Love SNSD as a whole. Nothing without 9, the saying goes.

As a nine member girl group you might think it would be hard to be known and noticed as individuals in a big girl group such as Girls Generation, But Each one of them has unique charms and personalities that actually stand out. And catch the attention, love and support of many fans. Not only the fans but people of the music industry and even casual listeners. And or perhaps even the people of the media industry, movies, commercial and everything that’s visually artistic. The talks show hosts and reviewer of music in this type of media. But all of them are of course fans and admirers of these wonderful people, Girls generation. Then there’s Sones. We Fanatics Who love then individually, and as a whole. The Crazed and dedicated, Sones.

Taeyeon.She’s the kid leader. She’s small but casts a tall shadow,because of her beautiful and powerful voice, and the amazing other8 girls she leads into the world of korean pop music. She has alot of things to deal with being a leader, but her members help her alot. She’s dorky, She’s adorably short and has aegyo that she can’t seem to portray very well(but we sones see it) and in the process makes her seem and act dorky. And we love that about her.She’s Also strong, inspirational, and motivational as well. A true leader, and even though she denied (stepped down) from being the leader, she will always be the leader in our hearts, and the hearts of her members as well. She’s earned it. She’s earned the name kid-leader, because she’s adorkable( :3) childish, and perhaps her height has a part to do with it. But after the word kid is leader, and even though being part of a big group, to seem so small to lead the group. And also the fact that now they all have grown up and had a feel to the world of kpop, that taeyeon or a “leader” for that matter doesn’t seem, I guess needed or necessary anymore. But in the heart of her members and sone alike, that she will always be the leader. But now that she doesn’t say she is, I feel almost relieved that perhaps in the back of her mind that weight has lifted off her shoulders. She’s the kid-leader with skills to be hold, adorkable personality, The short yet sexy leader, leads 8 other beautiful girls into the very well known and unknown ^^ Taengoo~

Jessica. The ice princess, her straight forward-ness probably comes from the american side in her. But like her other members she’s an idol, she’s almost aloud to be cold(?). Her extreme (dolphin-like) squeaky scream, comes with amazing vocals. Her fierce attitude (her “disgusted” or perhaps “displease” look upon her face) comes with a cute charm. Sones somehow love it, especially coming from sica. I feel that is also her american don’t-care-attitude, when she hears something she doesn’t like, or see. It’s adorable. Her attitude comes with a negative(?) but in a good way. It’s come with awkwardness. I find it funny, cause being a westerner things are probably funnier in their own language, and jessica (sica effect) where she thinks she says somtehing funny, but it isn’t in korean. And awkwardness ensues. It’s funny. Sica don’t ever change. Her cold look perhaps chic even(?) has another opposite, I hear she’s soft, like everything that has a hard exterior. She’s human, a normal person like us. It must be a self defence thing, but sica still looks and gives off a feel of a fragile being, and soft. That’s why I think we admire the cold-side of her, that strength and awkwardness of her. We can relate. She is cold yet hot, a true princess amongst the group, and a beauty to be hold in voice and looks, Sica~

Sunny. The Aegyo Queen. She has a ton of cuteness, and she knows it. Her aegyo doesn’t work on her members (Aegyo/Cuteness that Calls for a Punch) but to Sones it’s a killer(One shot Cuteness). She’s knows how to use it, and even unintentionally uses it sometimes. I think it comes natural to her, like second nature. She’s so adorably short and she often refers to her shortness and it’s cute. Cause she knows and dislikes her shortness, but we sones think it’s a virtue rather than a flaw. Sunny is recent years also showed us her strong yet soft side. Under all that cuteness, is a strong young lady. She’s has a soft spot for animal, and We find it adorable, and we relate to it. She is in a way similar to a small animal, she looks cute but packs a punch! :3 Sunny is very kind hearted not only to her animal, but to other members of kpop groups and staff’s of variety shows. It really goes to show how kpop artist can stay true to them selves and not become caught up in the limelight(?). She’s generous, and sometime selfless in a way. Her dubbed name the variety queen, her double side(split personality/ or perhaps another side of sunny, of many). She shows her cuteness, and variety skills on tv shows, it’s quite amazing of her to be so talented in many fields. Aegyo, Shortness, Sexy, and Innocent, the Queen of Variety. Her agyeo will strike you down with one look, the shorty-yet-sexy girl, she’ll brighten your day with just a one smile, Sunny-Bunny~

Tiffany. Fany fany tiffany! She feels like she could be the leader (leader material-type at times). She keeps calm and cool (but sometimes loses it cause of wacky/dorky-ness of her members). Especially when it comes to the korean language (customs). Though she’s known korean for some time now, she seems to have trouble. I think it’s always a learning experience for her (and the members), and I see it during variety and music programs. I find it cute, cause like western Sones who don’t know the language, customs and variety shows (etc) well we can relate to her. Her members even said she was leader material, I see it more and more I watch tiffany in SNSD shows. She gives off that motherly feel, and care-ness for her family and group members, even for the fans(even acknowledges the english speaking fans ^^). She’s filled with knowledge she can share with the girls, being and feeling the mother of the group. Her American side shows as well, I can see it in her attitude. I find it cute and different from the other members (except Sica ^^ of course) Being a westerner in Korean society, and an Idol for that matter. Must be strange, and exciting. And for Tiffany I feel like she has a responsibility for the other members in controlling themselves in variety programs. It’s great that she does it, and cute when she gets annoyed. She’s very caring for her members, and I hope she continues to do so. Her adorable Eye^^Smile with have you fallen, but lead you into a new world, with her knowledge and sexy-ness, Fany~

Hyoyeon. Hyoyeonce~! She is the dancing queen. She I feel is like needs to be out there more, in variety shows. But What I see is quite a lot of potential. Especially with some one like hyo, she has that confidence in her dance moves and solos, her sexiness strikes the hearts of everyone. But again SM needs to put her out on variety shows and other programs. Maybe they do, but she needs to get out there more, accept to be on tv and not just as SNSD, but as “Hyoyeon”. I want to see another side of hyoyeon, in Variety shows. I hear she’s the clown of the group, quite the jokester, she makes everyone laugh in the group, and I want to see that. I feel she can make the members feel happy again, when hardships occur and when they are down. It’s a hard job and it’s cute that she can be Sexy and be dorky at different times. She is well known for being amazing at dance, and be very sexy at doing it. I think she’s also very easy to talk with when it comes to guys. She must get alot of guy attention, and I see why. At one point in her (dancing) career, she felt like SNSD wasn’t the concept of a girl group she was leaning towards. I’m Glad she stuck with it and rode it, and will continue to ride it till the end. Her amazing dance skills along with that sexy look, will dance her career and group ahead into new things, Hyohunnie~

Yuri. The black pearl. Yuri is a crazy girl, like she’s dorky in a crazy way. She’s very close in becoming a queen of variety her self, and also catching up with hyoyeon in dancing. She has a dorky attitude when on variety shows, and also more so when with her members. It’s adorable seeing such a beauty like her have a funny sense of humour, and not afraid to show it in front of her fans. She’s very cool and down to earth, her looks make her seem the fierce model type, But she’s very sweet and likeable ^^. I like how she’s not afraid to show other sides of her, and we see it more and more on variety shows. Even when she makes a mistake and awkward moments, it’s so cute to see it. After her dorky-ness, she has a sexy side. Her dancing abilities are beginning to come to a level as hyoyeon’s. Her legs or thighs are what really draw me in when she dances, and I’m pretty sure every Sone out there as well. Her dorky-ness mixed with her sexy-ness, comes with a serious side as well. She’s very humble towards her members, and other kpop stars as well. She, I feel is very friendly and gets along well with almost anyone. Her out-going personality I think has a big part to do with it as well. Her big dark eyes and perhaps  dark skin and hair earned her the name the black pearl. Dark and beautiful like the night sky, vast and endless like space itself, she shines a little brighter among the other stars above, Yuri-ah! ^^

SooYoung. The long leg skinny youngster^^ She has a crazy and loud attitude. It’s I think fitting for her to be like the way she is. Dark skin tone and tall, comes with an attitude of, almost like Sica the American don’t-care-attitude, but the korean version. She’s loud when angry and can also be sexy at doing it (atleast that’s how I see it). Being the tallest in the group, I think brings along a dorky-ness and awkward-ness about her. It’s funny to see, her joke around and perhaps bully the small ones of the group, it’s cute to see and hear about it. Sooyoung also needs to be out on variety shows, I want to see her more mature side, like recently when she personally wrote and published a video to her fans, she’s very generous, and very loving to her fans. It’s really great to see idols do this for their fans. It’s one thing to held concerts and get out more and thank fans at events, and another to take time out of your personal schedule to make something just for them (us). We need more idols like sooyoung. ^^ The beautiful loud mouth bully, and sexy tall building and giant, Choi SooYoung. :3

Yoona. The natural beauty of korea. She is in fact one of those most pretty looking idols i’ve ever seen, Jinja! Her beauty alone could start wars, if it was way back when(?) ppl fought wars like in korean dramas. It be the yoona dynasty 😛 But, Her beauty comes with a dorky personality like everyone in SNSD. No ones perfect, But when we see a beauty quite like herself act cute, and dorky, it’s more perfect than we can imagine. I lover her laugh, like those pretty girls, with a weird laugh, it’s adorable. She’s the queen of CF, and her acting is pretty good too, an all around workaholic i think. Her dedication is impressive, and Her activities with SNSD is even more so. Yoona isn’t my bias, but when i first got into SNSD I immediately leaned towards Yuri and Yoona and Seohyun. Because they all looked similar, white clear faces and v-shaped. But after you get to know each of them individually you understand that they all have their own charms, and Yoona, seems to be the quiet one, and the quiet one usually gets all the attention (unintentionally). Her beauty speaks for itself, and her dedication does the rest, and makes for an amazing woman. Yoona, the huge mouth laughing beauty, glowing face and sexy dancer, the face of SNSD ^^ Yoona!

Seohyun. The innocent, yet knowledgeable Magnae^^ and beautiful to top it off. She is the magnae of the group, and somehow she seems the most adult-like, grown up of them all. She’s well composed (similar to tiffany) not mother like, but older sister like. She’s innocent and well spoken. And extremely respectful, she doesn’t even drop honorific’s with her close members. She’s like the daughter of korea, who will keep the past honorific’s alive (?) but, her up-tight personality annoys her members, its funny when hyoyeon gets mad at her for being so up-tight and polite. It somehow annoys ppl being too polite and polite all the time, but she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s her charm. But as of late, you not only see a let lose seohyun. You see a very sexy, fierce, and cracks-a-joke one in awhile, type of personality. And I love to see this come out of someone who was once quiet, very polite, and be how seohyun is, finally come out. I find it cute seeing her try and drop honorific’s, and less of an up-tight person, you can see it killing her inside, and can’t stand it. So she’s almost immediately switches back. It’s adorable. Seohyun, the sexy up-tight, and respectful magnae of SNSD. Crack a joke and smile, wether it’s funny or not, ppl will laugh with you, for trying. Innocent Seohyun ^^

I hope I wrote enough about each of them, and didn’t leave anything out, I’m only a 2year old SONE, please be considerate ^^

#2 Their Image (Concepts, and stage presence/Performance)

I think SM was very smart starting these girls off with the innocent and sweet, cute look (image). I think when you start off a group with being sexy and provocative straight off the bat, or right on pre-debut promotions and on debut if you will. They will always (not always) but be seen as “oh those are those girls who think their all hot” thought in the back of their head(?). Me, I’m a guy, but the rest of the country like Korea, would think badly of them, or have quick-to-judge comments. Me, personally what caught my eyes for a foreign listener, it was the sexy video and cute dances that caught my eye. But now that I’m heavily into K-pop and am now a quick-to-judge mind set, I carefully choose who I will follow, that or this particular group. Cause it takes time and effort to follow a group. But SNSD for me is always First before anyone.

And so as I was saying, SM was smart by starting them off sweet and innocent, cause now that they’ve ventured into the hot clothing, and sexy dance moves, you think “wow, these girls can do anything, and rock any concept”. Their Image is what caught catches the eye. And when you see 9 beautiful girls, your hit with the Hallyu wave ^^ ( lol, see what i did there). SNSD’s history of look, was the first image, being sweet and innocent. Very Elementary, if you will. You know your innocent and new to the world, very shy but outgoing. Just getting started. That would be Into the new world. And then Theirs the Image of High School(?). You realize your hot, and great looking (sexy even) And you decide to try different things. and that’s what GEE was. and maybe after that, the image of College, or university. Your Very hot, model like even. Gorgeous, and now your well known and a trend setter. That would be Genie. And after that you’ve become world wide beauty, what ppl look up to, and strive to be. And now we look at them as young woman. That would be The 1st japanese album, Very grown up looking and striking a serious yet sexy pose. Their woman-hood concept:P will def be something to look forward too ^^

Girls Generation’s concepts have always worked. The girls can work anything, from Sailors/Airline pilots and taxi drivers to Bikers and James bond girls. Every concept they seem to have no troubles working, and i’m sure what ever they come up with next will work also.

The concepts also need to go along with the dance, or stage performance. And SNSD, again will always make it work. Every dance move goes with the beat, and every position of member or gesture from a member, will always work. I think it’s also cause we’re Sones, that anything they do will work for us 😛 We like and love them in anything. The songs catchy and the dance moves are also catchy.

Not only does a girl group need a image, and concept. After all that, comes stage presence and performance. Now i’m only a 2yr old Sone, and only seen them once live.(edit: Twice live SMTOWN NYC) But in fancams, SNSD always has that energy, and their stage performance is amazing to watch, and see live. They got the look and touch.

SNSDs fashion sense, is something I think young girls and young woman, maybe adults even, strive to look like. From their airport fashion, to their variety show fashion has SONEs and Fashion blogers, news castors amazed. I’m guy and I haven’t really cared for fashion until i was into KPOP, Seeing Korean stars being very fashionable, and i think since then, my fashion sense has changed greatly. and If i was a chick, i’d be heavily influenced by SNSD, this i’m sure 😀 Now that I have been into them for awhile now, i check out other womans fashion, and compare it to SNSD. And when i’m out shopping, i look at girls section, and see what would look good on taeyeon and the other members 😛 You can say i’m heavily influenced by Kpop and korean pop culture :3

Now with that being said, again I’m a guy i’m sure a girl can write more than i could. But SNSD can rock anything, from innocent and cute to Sexy-serious and woman-like.

I know I’m missing something to write about here, or i feel like I should write more. anyways . . .

#3 Their Music.

Girls generation, I’m pretty sure every song out was catchy, and had always caught on at some point (think right off the start of debut single(s). From their Ballad scores, to the Pop numbers everything has had catchy lyrics and meaning full ones as well. SM really has not only focused on the look and concept, but has focused on putting out music that hits the fans ears and hearts. When i first got into them the image caught me, but then it was the catchy tune that hooked me, and they continue to do so everytime they release something new. The ballads, really show off the girls soft vocals, and powerful vocal tones as well. And I am always listening, and looking out for more ballads from them. The lyrics really speak to the fans, and tells a little more about the girls personality, wether it has been written by them or not, it was written for the Girls specifically, And it works. Sica and taeng i think are the powerful vocalists, and Their OSTs are really impressive. The other members are also greatly improving in ballads songs, their soft voices make it that much more enjoyable. Their Pop numbers, they are extremely catchy. And SM really has made some great songs for the girls, the catchy tunes match the dance moves and fan chants. As western listener, i think when they add english bit parts in the song, makes it even more enjoyable. And also as it being Korean music, influences me to learn the language so when i get to see them again in concert, i can sing along and understand the lyrics.

I also think the music part is only half of what the girls have to offer, it’s a huge part yes, but SNSD is not only music performers, but now they’ve become Korean Stars. Music was what put them out their first, but now we watch them out in Variety shows, CF’s(commercials) and even TV shows. One day i hope in a big movie premiere as well ^^

Again i feel like i should write more about the music :/ but i’ve written quite a bit already :3

#4 The multi-cultured fans.

Music is truly a universal language. It goes to show, that even though it’s a foreign language(well to westerners and non koreans)that even we as non-korean speakers can enjoy the music.

Music really influences that of the listener. I was speaking to a co-worker, on my last days off of work, we drove together for 5hrs and had a lot of time to talk. He’s from chile and his 1st language is spanish. And he was telling me story of how he wasn’t even remotely, in fact not even interested in trying to learning english at that point in his life. But he was listening to elvis one day, and he really liked the music, form the instruments to the vocals of what elvis put out. And even now he said he doesn’t know why he liked him, and how he even first got into him, but since then he’s a crazed fan of him and eventually turned into coming to Canada(weird that he didn’t go to america). He then was telling me how he had no idea what elvis was singing about, but he still tried to sing along with him and now that he knows the english language for about 15yrs now, he still has trouble of what he sings about, but still listens anyways. and in some songs that he even likes more and more cause he now knows what he sings about. He told me he even cried in a few songs, and he said he still even tears up when listening to them now.

Anyways morale of the story, that even though it’s a foreign language to us, we shouldn’t shove it aside and leave it, even though we have no idea what the song is singing about we should open our minds more, and let our ears hear more, and eventually lead to making our eyes see more, but only if we open up our minds :3

I found it quite amazing to hear his story, and it was weird how life just brought me to him and got to learn his story about learning a new language. How we first got into the topic was we were stuck in traffic, and were listening to elvis, and he asked me if i wanted to plug in my ipod, and we could listen. I was like, i don’t think you would like my music (FYI my ipod is filled with kpop, barely any english songs). But he was very open minded, and after i said it was korean music he was like i don’t mind, and we listened. and he really liked 2NE1’s I am the best, it was cool that he just blasted it. And then he told me the story of how he like music that wasn’t his 1st language, but listened to it anyways. I found it so weird that we had that in common.

And with Kpop, i was thinking how it was crazy that SNSD specifically influenced many non-koreans to listen and learn the language, and maybe even turn into moving somewhere’s in a foreign country. And i hope to hear other SONEs stories as well. That is why i’m telling this story, and writing about the girls.

When hearing the guy form chile story, I was thinking about how my story would eventually turn out, and began the excitement of what this music has brought me, into a new world.

I was in LA for SM Town live 2010, and made friends who were mexican(i believe, or some kind of spanish) and it was the first time i seen that, and was surprised that it has reached such a level of multi-cultured fans. And then in NYC for SM town 2011, I saw african-american fans. Caucasian fans was a given same with asian fans, but seeing other people of different cultures come together and to enjoy the music, was simply amazing. I didn’t want to mention this, but i am in fact Native-american(Canadian :P) And i’m hoping it will surprise “You” readers, that it reached to the ears of Aboriginals of Canada! ^^ Me and my family are the only ones we know of that are Native that listen to KPOP, and SNSD specifically. And i’m glad i’m perhaps the first(?) to be known for it 😛 I’m often mistaken for Filipino or a Japanese from Brazil (? lol what? yup someone asked me that once) and even Chinese. To most it would be displeasing to hear and kind of offensive, to me i’m flattered to be mistaken for it ^^ In Ktown in NYC, we went to Noraebang (karaoke) and the guy at the front desk asked me in korean for how many people or asked me if i spoke korean, and i simply said Anio, which i hope wasn’t informal, but i said no. and he quickly switched to english and asked me in english for how many. it was funny and cool to happen ^^

So that being said, I hope Kpop will continue to grow from and beyond Korea, and bring more and more western listeners, so that they can have more concerts here!! lol

and last but not least, i hope you have read this far, cause this part is a little more personal. One SONEs Story.

#5 How Girls Generation changed my life.

Girls generation really has changed my life greatly. And it has been for the good, and am forever grateful for it. I honestly do not know where my life would be without soshi(the girls). I have changed from a, I suppose not so close minded person but to a more open one. I’ve never would have been brave enough to travel outside my comfort zone into worlds unknown to me. I mean because of soshi, I’ve wanted to get into Digital Design or the Advertisement business, and website design, so I can somehow show my love for korean culture and SNSD through my work. And so I’ve looked into Art schools and film schools, specifically in Vancouver, still close to home but a new environment to me. And also travelled to Los Angeles For SM Town Live 2010, and then far east coast to New York City for SM Town Live 2011. There’s no way before SNSD I would travel to these places just for the sites, it’s because of them I have had built up to courage and anticipation to visit these places. And am grateful to them and SM for this, and even perhaps Korea ^^

Because Of Girls generation, they have opened me up to a new language and culture. I’m often scold by my older sister for not first wanting to learning my own culture but I feel my place is else where, and SNSD perhaps stole my heart, but don’t see anything wrong with my choice for loving a new and different culture. I will one day return to where my life first began, until then SNSD is where my heart is. And When I say SNSD I mean Korean culture and Asia. I feel horrible wanting this, but I’m my own person, and want to expand my way of thinking and it has, and then soon go far to that of a new world, beyond my own. And SNSD really has open up that road towards something new, and filled me with confidence and anticipation to pursue this dream.

I’m a SONE, like batman I live a double life. My regular life I’m a square and a zombie, but quietly working towards my ultimate goal. Then when I’m a SONE, I’m a confident and outgoing person. I put on that pink shirt, and bracelet, and blast the music, I’m a bit of a dork, and Geek. But that’s the real me, I’m a SONE ^^

Again before SNSD, i would have never worn pink, not in my life time would i have purchased anything pink if it was for me, NOPE. but now i’m like buying pink things to support the soshi color :3

I hope both SONEs and SNSD continue to grow, and grow together. I want to end on a good note, and perhaps predict or hope for what’s next in my life as a SONE. Thinking about my friend from Chile and hearing his story, one day I want to tell my story, and tell of my heartfelt experiences to other people and influence them by my story. Tell them about SNSD and not only SNSD other SONEs as well and how they influenced me to try out new things and go to new strange places, eat new food, and just live life from a new and different view or perspective. I will perhaps tear up when telling such stories, and tell them to try and learn new things, and try to not be so negative on other people views and be more open minded about the world. Live, love and grow (learn?), and i believe laugh is in there as well 😛

I will tell about how I learned korean, and how I finally visited such a beautiful place such as korea, and other places in asia. And perhaps how I met my wife 😛 lol. Who is perhaps a SONE herself 😛

And end with a Girls Generation song, Lol. Perhaps “Complete” or “How great if your Love” Because SNSD Completes me and My love is that as infinite as space itself and vast and fierce as the ocean or sea, and beautiful as the twinkling night sky among the 9 angels that shine my way, and perhaps makes it not as lonely as the moon i am above :3

a bit corny, but whatever.

I will continue to support SNSD, try to influence others, to continue to learn, and Follow Soshi into new worlds of the next unknown future ahead :3

Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi dae, Appareudo So Nyeo Shi Dae, Yongwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae,    So Nyeo Shi Dae Saranghae oh!

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  1. Debbie Terrado
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    wow you are great i couldn’t believe a boy fan…………i’m a huge fan too!

    you are so dedicated writing a long paragraph for girls
    well i guess nothing cant resist the charm of our girls

    keep it up!
    -from a heart of a sone♥


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    wow,. too much effort for the girls:) daebak..

    im a huge fan also, and i am happy that i am also a SONE!!
    SNSD fighting!! the power of 9!!!

    nice blog nyko119


    • nyko119
      Oct 29, 2011 @ 02:14:16

      Lol not enough effort 😛 words are not enough to return such praises from them when they perform for fans ^^
      And Gamsahamnida For reading and Replying ^^


  3. Tillina
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 11:23:36

    Awesome! I sooo understand!


  4. Shante Armstong
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 21:54:44

    You are a good writer… I am just learning english maybe you could proof read my article for me so I can be good as you.


  5. Nick
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 00:03:25

    Hey! I was born and lived in Canada all my life! I thought I was the only one too…
    well. guess not.


  6. Lord Fido
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 21:15:49

    great, do you wanna marry one of them? go ahead but taeyeon.. step over my dead body! >_<


  7. vulnerablechic
    Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:16:18

    Reblogged this on HeyImSuperGirl .


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