About Me.

Name: Known in the real world as “Quentin” & Known to the internets as “Nyko”

Age: 23 as of September 2012

Hobby(s): Amateur photographer. K-Drama Watcher. Kpop Listener. Girls Generation Follower (also known as SONE). Blogger :S

Goal(s): Learn how to speak Korean. Live and work in a foreign country (ex: Seoul, South Korea)

Career choice(s): Photographer; Web site designer; Graphic art design; animation.

Current job(s): Construction( Scaffolding).

A little bit about me in a few sentences :

I am heavily into Asian culture: such as Music, Movies, and Fashion and the language. I really love KPOP, and somewhat into Jrock. I am mostly active through the internet more so than the real world considering my job 😦 I work up in northern Canada Alberta, in the middle of no where. I buy my things through online stores, such as kpop goodies. And the internet is my only source of solace. I have another blog on tumblr, it’s about me being single and reposts of kpop things.

Anything else read my posts, as i reveal a little bit more about me through the years i suppose 😛

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