Anime that's cute/funny. storyline very simple. (K-ON)

if you don’t know what an “Otaku” is? search the wiki 😛 lol but what i think an Otaku is, is a person (Girls & Guys) obsessed with anime/manga/figures etc etc. But there are sub levels and different types of Otaku’s. ever wonder which one are you? or which type of one you fall under? well anime website “Sankakucomplex.com” made a little explanation on what types of Otaku there are. and they only showed 2 types of otaku. i’m sure there are many others, but the 2 basic otaku’s are shown in the link below.


Anime that is full of action/suspense and Complex Storyline.(Code Geass)

for me i think i’m a AB otaku. i do watch K-On cuase the characters are so cute, and funny. and i do watch east of eden, and complex anime such as death note; darker than black( i guess those are complex anime?) the stories are well done, and the animation/art are cool. so i found myself sitting in between the two. and i often do not watch anime as much. but when i do i try real hard to finish the series. and i often wait for the series to be over so i can quickly go through it. and instead of waiting week after week for the next episode. but i do consider myself an otaku.

Animes i am Currently Watching.

  1. Darker than black S2
  2. Dance in the vampire bund
  3. K-on S2
  4. east of eden
  5. pretty much a mixture of both. but i can’t really get into ecchi type anime you know like queens blade, ikkitousen, and what not. the story lines are very simple and focus on hot anime girls. i mean i watched like 5 episode of each and just did not continue. don’t know why.


Anew (+figures +photo +update +Kpop)

G’ Morning, hope your enjoying your java i know i am.(even though i started this post at 10 this morn and finished at about 12ish close to 1)

img_8257Today: 11.10.09 time: 10:20


i have so much energy out of no where today. i feel like i could do something new so today i am going to do a ridiculously large post this morning :3

for i’m bored and i’m home alone, need to keep my mind occupied, and do something inside because i’m still trying to beat this little cold. but anyways for the past i guess week and weekend?!? i think, i have doing alot of thinking. about friends and where my career(?) is going. let’s say my life. a couple of friends have been really holding me back to where i want to go in life. It was no good being caught in a loop, every weekend, money being wasted, precious time i could’ve used. To help me move forward. but nevertheless i’ve learned so there for i do not regret it(or at least try not to).

I also have been studying my camera(a little :/ ). started to read the manuel lol. which helped….a lot 😀 and also reading another book called the D5000 digital field guide. So I can unlock way more features I thought i never had in the D5000. I payed for this expensive piece of crap might as well unlock it’s full features, considering I’m an amateur photographer.

What has also been on my “list to read” are Seoul the city guide just for kicks. Tokyo the city guide. and two language learning books…and you’ve guessed it, Korean and Japanese :3 I often don’t read chapter, fictional, sci-fi, Twilight-type books nor manga for that matter. I’ve tried to like manga, but i get bored. Watching anime is much more fun(er).

Anyways moving on….

I would like to post a few figure picture taking i did of my only figure(s). Rei ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion! one of my favourite  anime characters. probably because she’s small and petite 🙂 and very quiet(like me!)

Pantsu peek :3

More Pantsu Peek ;D

experimenting with the lights out :3


Oh and here’s a little ling to a song i cannot get enough of!!! Been really lovin’ K Pop music. *ever notice how they(4minute) always count to like 4 in their songs? lol.

4minute – What a girl wants