JokeR (+Graphic Novels; Comics; Etc..)

I know! i said i didn’t read comics or did i say manga? but either way when I was at HMV looking for some dvd’s i found a comic(oddly at an HMV) but out randomly looking for stuff(?) i seen the comic “Joker” from the i guess award winning author Brian Azzarello and art done by Lee bermejo. This comic is like the best thing my eyes have seen since, uh my first look at a pair of boobs ( :P) lol? the illustrations are nothing short than (exaggerate much?) but fucken amazing. I don’t know what it is or what it reminds me of, but it looks really good. Candy for my eyes :3 yes, like a pair of boobies (lmao) and that’s just the right one, lol but i also got another comic, i seen it at HMV but at the time didn’t feel like picking it up, but later after i thought about it… I went to a indego(spelt right?) and picked up the other one i saw, and yes. Yes, it was another batman comic. this time it’s a re-release. enhanced or whatnot. From the artists and i guess writers Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. The comic “Batman: The Killing Joke” one of the first stories i guess or sum up of why and or who “Joker” really is. Why the Infamous, Criminally insane jokster is what he is. and why he’s the “way” he is. I haven’t finished reading it yet but so far, It’s pretty good.

Here’s some pics of the comics i am talking about.


^^Opening, Joker. “I didn’t know the particulars as to why, but he was… Joker was, being released from arkham asylum…”

^^Harley Quin is in this one also.

^ ^they give her a very “sexy” look. not like the cartoon tv series.

^^2nd comic. Cover.

^^opening 2nd front opening.

^^3rd front opening.

^^Kinda looks as if this inspired the scene from the dark knight. this was drawn out 21 years before it. pretty bad ass.

Review time. “Joker” by the guys Brian and Lee. This book is like an orgasm to my eyes, it’s so beautifully done, and the story is pretty good also. Brings a tear to my eye :3 The art gives it a dark feel(so it should It’s “Joker”) and the artist put the “Dark Knight Joker” look to this comic. so he has the scars and painted eyes and white face paint. But somehow still keeps the original feel. The story itself is told from the view of one of “joker’s” henchmen “Frost”. And the ending pretty much sums it up, of why joker is still joker(?) won’t spoil it but a definite pick up. Now, Batman: the killing joke. This book brings you back to the feel of the original joker not from the “Dark Knight” & “Heath Ledger” feel of the joker. But nevertheless he’s still cool, no matter what or how other artists put him to be. The story(haven’t finished this book) but so far it’s good, this book is a re-release back 21 years ago(1988) so the art looks old school, but somehow it looks so good. They obviously did some enhanced work but it still looks amazing. I hear it’s about the joker, and his story of why he is who he “Is”. Definitely brings me back. and a definite pick up.

Me,myself was always a fan of the batman, and the joker was one of my favourite villains of all time. Ever since they brought back batman and gave him a modern day look and feel, also the fact that the technology seems and could possibly be believable. Not like the 80’s or 90’s batman movies. I absolutely fell back in love with my child hood hero. Also the joker.