one of my favourite anime’s are coming to life. lol, live action of Beck Mongolian Chop Squad. Whooo!

been anticipating it since i heard the news on it becoming a live action on anime news network. if you want more info on it. check out em out on youtube or animeseason or sky7anime. i’m sure they have em uploaded there.

Quick summary on it: Koyuki meets cool guy(ryusuke). learns guitar(pretty fast) and joins the band with chiba(vocals) and taira(bass). and then meets a cool drummer from school who joins later on. and so the band beck becomes i guess the talk of the town in tokyo? well in japan. so they get into trouble and learn some things and koyuki like ryusuke’s hot sister(maho). and they(the band) get asked to join in a big music festival in japan. so they do and they rock, and then they break up. ryusuke goes to america. and the other band mates tour America, also in look for ryusuke. my memory is kind of blurry about it. but i know it, and it’s worth checking out if you like rock music and anime. and i’m excited to see how they put it into live action.wether it’s good or bad, i’m sure i will always be a fan of Beck.

Trailer for live action.

learn more about who’s the cast and what not here AnimeNewsNetwork

Here’s a cool little vid of a mash up of the anime.

for some reason this is the only version i found without the crappy Dubbed version(i absolutely hate dubbed anime) but here’s a cool tune from koyuki

Credit to the original uploaders

this movie/anime kind of inspired me to be in a band. but all isn’t very glamorous and fun. it’s really hard, and you need a lot of heart in it. i’ve tried and yeah it’s difficult, especially with other band mates. and you need to learn you instrument well, inside and out. well after i did, and experienced a little bit of it, found out i didn’t have much heart in it. i mean i love music, but it takes really hard work, and time consuming to be in one(a band). like you have to give up everything else and concentrate on just the band. which i couldn’t do. so i quit and i see me only playing and possibly making music just for fun, and as a hobby. i couldn’t live someone else’s dream when mine wasn’t totally all in it. (which means my band mates wanted something i couldn’t give, especially give up. which was on my dream, and just live there’s). so i moved on, until i find what and where i want to be….

that was a little bit about me. thanks for reading. and comment to :3