Just poor men with rich ideas. . .

Wow like what the f*cking f*ck! (a good intro, i suppose. But thats how i truly feel right now)
It’s like no one wants me to go anywhere. It seems, the Universe either doesn’t want me to leave home at all, or not so soon.
I tried twice with two different options of funding for school, and failed twice. My third and perhaps final option is my own funding.
Which means, work, work, work. and after work, is more work, but hopefully with school work. I could possibly make about 5grand
over the summer. But still not enough for august start date, without funding. So I’m thinking 2012 start date. which is January 4th
I believe. I did the math and i could possibly come up with atleast 10-15 grand. still need funding. So with my savings i hope they
give me student loans. Please understand my situation. I will do my best, blood sweat and tears (literally) .
I don’t come from a rich(wealthy) family, but we’re pretty comfortable. Not exactly struggling, but we go through some rough times.
Me and my brother are just poor men, with rich ideas. I hope to atleast make things for my other brother, and little sister easier
to get into what they want to go into after H.S. And we come from a family of artists pretty much. My mom was an artist, and history enthusiast.
My papa was a hockey player (a form of art). Those combine makes up for an amazing children and big dreams, I suppose.
We’re just stuck I suppose. I hope to build our family into something other families in our situation, look forward, and that it can be done.
I want to put our name on a map somewhere (anywhere), and not just another family who accepts the laws of status and keep our place.

It’s been said that the past is what defines us, well that’s not true for all of us. Some of us see ourselves in the future, we’re artists. And this, this is where our future begins. Where were currently at. Where your currently at. The bottom, from scratch. Just our rich ideas, and dreams.


Epic Summer of Epic Epicness!

So this past summer was, was, how do you say.. EPIC! lol I had an awesome summer. well two weeks off from work that is. which was in summer. I learned, loved, and laughed lol :3 i had so much fun and an experience in Vancouver, and my other travels though out the US. I first went to Vancouver for my summer intensive, at the Vancouver Film School (VFS). And then headed off to travel the west coast of the US. went through Washington, Oregon, and California. The heading our way back from Cali through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, then Montana. The our final Stop… Home. Alberta 😀
I was sad that our trip was over, but i’ve learned how big the world actually is. and that’s just(not even) half of the US, North America for that matter. Cannot wait to explore the rest of the World(Asia).
I am currently going through footage that i caught during our Visits of California’s Disneyland and Universal Studios. And of course just for kicks, our Las Vegas stop 😀
I will put them up via Youtube. To show how cool it is over there. I will also put High Quality pics, instead of facebooks (dumbed downed) low quality pics.
I will update later. I felt so behind on my blog(s) update(s) so i’m going to make this one an Epic(ally) Big! 😀 or atleast try to :3

first off, Vancouver!
well when i first found out about the school, I was astounded on how much of a reputation it has towards the “Arts”. Film, Digital design, Acting, Video Games, Etc etc. It’s Actually so epic! So when i saw a chance to find out whats it all about, i definitely had to take the opportunity. So i paid for my flight(s) and booked a hotel for the week (of). And when the time came, I was So excited! It was just me and my brother, in the epically awesome City of Vancouver.

It was so cool being in a new city, haven’t did any travelling as an adult, so why not now. and at the time i felt like i was dreaming. it was all too much to soak in. But at the school(VFS) was even more awesome. Everything about the school was awesome. the ppl who were taking the week intensive with me, and the teaches, and the students attending, were all so cool. everyone just seemed so happy. happy what they were doing, and where they could be heading. all i could think was..when do i start? haha god i did not want to leave.
My favourite classes were probably, Sound design, Digital design, and script writing, and acting. acting only because of the script structures, and what not. really interested about that. Sound design was awesome, would definitely consider it. Script writing, because i like writing, stories, poems anything that could be a movie or short film/ and or animation. But Digital design is my true love. haha :3 Game design was pretty awesome as well. definitely would go into that, if i want to after a year of digital design. I have so much to talk about(write/type).

Ok so during my stay in Van City, there was the fire works of the world or something like that. and mexico happened to be happening at the time. And they were extremely beautiful, and Epic! haha.
here’s some video(actually it’s like a epic montage of my trip, so enjoy!)
Vancouver 2010 pt1