My Top 10 in 2010.

Ok so another year has gone and went. We lived, loved, and lost. Whatever order it is, we can’t change any regret, live another amazing moment or feel the feelings we felt at such proud or hurtful moments. We can only look back, and continue forward.

I know I haven’t blogged in like forever, but believe me I wanted to. I even have posts in my draft of which I do wish to continue and post. But until then, I wanted to List/ Countdown my top things( wether it be a release of a video game/movie/product/People Etc etc) or a Event(concert/travels/ worlds event’s etc etc) 10 in 2010.


Ok so i wanted to pick out the event’s of something or a topic. and then list some things that released/announced/ and what not in 2010. cuase i don’t think it’s quite fair to pick just 10 single things but sub topic of the event/ or product or anything. so here we go.

let’s start with #10
Okay I was going to leave this out cause I also hated it, but was necessary, cause if it didn’t happen. . . then alot of what had happened in 2010 wouldn’t have had happened. Hahah. So at #10 is my job. haha i know lame, but whatever, it’s a alright job, hard work but the money is totally effen worth it. I made post about this topic of my job and what i went through, so if you didn’t know it’s construction type work. I work in the oil sands scaffolding. I just am recently trying to find work after i nearly drove myself insane being up there in isolation, and no family and 0 friends. But after 4 months off now I am ready actually i was ready 2 months ago. but oh well.

At # 9
product. A Product I loved in 2010 also never got one, Was the Halo:reach Xbox360 Console W/ Kinect ready and built in WiFi. I

absolutely wanted this considering back in i think 09 when Halo 3 came out, they released the Halo 3 Limited edition Xbox 360 elite. And I Bought that, so I was Really anticipating this. But never got it. So I hope I do get it someday :/

At #8
I liked a few releases of some electronics of 2010. Which are such products as the Apple’s IPad. At first I thought it was stupid, considering I had an Itouch, and it just seemed like a huge ipod. But after some digging around, and realizing you could make your own games on it, and a chance to play with the product, I actually really really want one. But in 2010 I never got one. In fact I am waiting on the release of the Ipad 2 (which we all know will be released).


At #7
Another Product I loved and again never got Would be the Iphone 4G. This Phone was the talk of all the talk of Cell phones, everyones got one. But after new realeases of other cells such as the Windows phone, and the Samsung Galaxy S. They do rival the Iphone and got a chance to check them out, and to tell you the truth, I am stuck on which one to get. The phone that everyones got(which also has probably the best apps for a mobile device) or the windows phone(XBL compatibility), or galaxy S(which looks amazing/ and not only the fact that kpop artist did make a song for it and a MV But it looks like a iphone) & FYI same with the iphone 4 song, also by a Kpop artist.

At #6
Okay one of my favorite Directors of all time. Christopher Nolan. Only because he recreated one of my favorite heroes of all time since I was a child. Batman. Also the known as the Dark Knight. All the other movies before this were very childish, which is why when I was younger it still appealed to me. But now that I’m older, I was afraid to still like the caped crusader. But when Christopher nolan recreated/rebooted the movies, he became my favorite directors/ film makers of all time. And his 2010 Film to top up the dark knight, was Inception. Though dark knight is still and will always be #1 movie in my book, Inception is definitely #2. Inception just blew my mind, story and visual effects, chris really proves to be an amazing visual epic film maker. Especially the people behind his work, must be just as amazing. I honestly can’t wait for Christopher nolans next epic masterpiece. The Dark Knight Rises :3
Runner up for movie in 2010 would be Harry potter and the deathly hollows part 1. This movie was actually so epic, and dark. I loved it and in anticipation part 2. the end of the series.

At #5
video games/product/event
Oh this game is definitely top 5. It would have to one of my favorite video games of all time, considering it was the first game to introduce us(my family) into Console online gaming, and online gaming that actually worked, and was really fun! Halo series. and this year it was the release of Halo:Reach a prequel to the games before the others released before it. I am and always will be a bungie studios fan and Halo Fan. And Halo: reach is no exception, to anyones top video games of 2010. Also with the release of the Legendary edition video game released in september. I always buy legendary :3 The amazing Noble team is displayed on Statue/stand of the legendary edition, which looks epic. The reason why I love the series is becuase of the story and the amazingly easy multiplayer. and when I say easy anyone can jump in and play, hardcore players to casual, to girlfriends who probably suck (:P) The story I would say is easy to follow but a necessary tale that had to be told of the Halo universe. I still play this game today more than Black Ops or Modern warfare.

video game/product/event
two words: Mass Effect. more specific would be Mass Effect 2. I wasn’t really amazed by number one, but I did play through it, and I thought the storyline was amazing. I really wanted to know more of the story, but the gameplay didn’t do so much for me, until number 2 came out, it just blew me away. Not only the storyline, but the gameplay and graphics, were simply nothing short of amazing. I am still hooked on it. And could play through it many times. Trying to achieve those achievements, and beat every DLC and side missions. This game changed everything about action RPGs. atleast for me. Bio-ware is one of my favorite studios of all time, considering they made one of my favorite video games of the whole series of this epic sci-fi space adventures. Star wars. More specific Star wars: knights of the old republic. and yes I am in anticipation of Star Wars: the old republic. Not only are they an amazing studio, but they are stationed here in my home town. I am so excited for there sequel of one of my favorite videos games, Mass effect 3. Thank you Bio-ware. ^^

@ #3
This year was definitely the year of the Kpop. Well for me. And only been into kpop for a little over a year now. it would be 2 years in the coming summer of this year of 2011. Kpop has become something I’ve become obsessed with( i suppose you can say) the music first just caught my eye of pretty girls jumping around on stage. Untill i started singing along or  humming along. I was just hooked. and one of my favorite girl groups have made a comeback in 2010. I liked them cause it was very hip-hoppy, and really really catchy, and for the first time(i think) they release english version of a song. It’s 2NE1. There comeback was really epic. There type of genre of kpop was amazing, and YG really out did themselves by debuting such a beautifully badass girl group. CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy. YG and 2NE1 released such awesome songs! I cannot get enough of them! And thats why 2NE1’s 2010 Comeback was one of my favorite events that happened. lol i’m such a geek :3 Thanks 2NE1 for the soundtrack of the end of the year 😀 and will continue to listen to them in the new year, and will anticipate your Japanese Debut, and the very much anticipated North american debut with Will.I.Am. 2NE1 Fighting!!!

Ok this one could, or perhaps should fall under #1 or sub content of #1. But For year of the Kpop, my award of somewhat, or a mention of what I think is one of the most amazing group of 9 people to bring together many cultures and different races, and pretty much a world separated, to come together as 1. To enjoy music, dances, and funny/hilarious memories of these particular individuals. They debuted in 07, and have been going strong ever since. And this year is no exception for the super girl group, with the Epic comeback and one I’ve been anticipating since I first heard them in 09. It was the first comeback I have seen live ever in kpop and the fansites were swamped with activity, and live streaming of the comeback. The single “Oh!” hit Sones with atmost anticipation with teasers and finally with the comeback since “Genie” of 09 and “Gee” earlier in the year. But in 2010, the girls released many new and amazingly catchy songs. With the release of their 2nd full album, and then “Run devil run” digital single and then their march into the Japanese market with there Debut with “Gee” & “Genie” Japanese versions. Later in the year they released the single “Hoot”.
I absolutely love and adore these girls, and thank them for making such an impact on my life of music (lol :3) Love the performances, variety shows, and especially the music. Beautiful woman, classy, yet sexy and innocent. There is nothing these girls can’t do, and I would continue to love and follow them through there music career and what ever comes there way. Thank you Girls generation! For another amazing year in 2010. 2011 will be another great one for you and us Sones :3
Sarranghaeyo! So Nyuh Shi Dae! Hwaighting!!

My 21st birthday. 21 seems like such a good number for some reason. A lucky feel it has. How lucky you might ask. I would say just coincidence that my favorite Kpop girl group would finally come and see their North American fans for the second time in history and the 1st time in history for me and my brother. For SM Town live World tour 2010. SM is the entertainment company of which the girls are under, and many other kpop artists. And many famous ones of the kpop industry I would get the pleasure to see along with the group that started it all (for me). SNSD!!! Girls generation, not only “I” but many fans are just as crazed and in Awe about them, and the concert. And I Travelled from the north down to the south (LOL one plane ride) just to see them live. And it was totally worth. Best birthday every, and I Hope next year(this year 11) will also bring them our way, to the west. Where many of us wait in wonder when these amazing girls will come for their own Live concert. But you know what, I’ll be there, for sure.
KPOP Fighting!!! lol

And that my friends are my top things/events or what have you that are and happened in 2010. Let’s Welcome the new year with confidence. 2011!


#1 Kpop girls!

Girls generation are dominating the Kpop scene as of late. So i just thought i’s make a post w/ other Girl Group Kpoppers that i also have crazy love for :3 haha but  Ok so everyone loves basically every kpop girl group. but if you had to pick one of the girls from each girl group who would you pick?
here are mine…. and i’m not just singling out them, i mean 1 girl can’t do what they do without there fellow members, and if they do that’s great for them( ex. 2ne1 members; HyunA; etc etc)….but i want to show who are my fave members out of my fave girl groups.

Kara (Goo hara)
hara goo and her doll like features, is probably what i like best. she’s just too cute 😀

in these next photos she looks very…uh white, but i really like it, and again the doll like feture. super cute :3

^^Kara’s Goo Hara posing w/ cat ears and what not. i find this hot! ;3 Meow!

goo hara is especially cute when i first seen her on invincible youth, she’s so hilarious, and ridiculously cute 😀

Posing w/ the G7 girls of Invincible youth 😀
check out some clips of her.

she’s so funny when she makes these mistake of taewoo games 😛

After School (Bekah)
rebecca of after school isn’t actually the girl who i first fell for in after school, it was actually UEE. i seen her from the Soju CF, which was the hottest/cutest CF ever. But then after awhile Bekah really stood out for me. She is from Hawaii which i quickly knew she wasn’t originally from korea, but did not know where until i googled and what not. i find her very hot, cuase she raps, and the korean PCD! haha here’s a few snaps of her. Meow! ;3

^^Bekah w/ her brown hair and looking very PCD!

^^Bekah Looking pretty w/ her brown hair again. looks like just before she went blonde.

^^Bekah of after school. Deliciously turned blonde ;3

^^Bekah the deliciously korean blonde bombshell ;3
She’s a crazy cool rapper but a part of that, she has such a beautiful soft voice.

^^if that doesn’t make you love her…you fail to see what beauty is haha :3

and a little sample of her rapping in this interview. just skip to 1:58

Brown Eyed Girls (Ga-In)
Ga-in was the first brown eyed girl i liked. and continue to like 😀 because of the Abracadabra video, she just owned it. So ridiculously hot performance, and even in the live performances. Unbelievably hot! haha here’s some snaps of her :3

^^Hot model look.

^^Cute Ga-in! love the hair.

^^Abracadabra uniform. very sexy!

^^Awe*sigh* my heart melts. she’s…just to hot! need i say more.

Omg! Another reason why i love ga-in actually its somewhat the same thing. she can dance super hot.

T-Ara (Hyomin)
Hyomin of T-ara, reallt stood out for me, and the only reason is part A: they’re fairly new, and part B: she’s on Invincible youth. so i did not see out the other member are. so, what can i say. but nevertheless hyomin is very cute and pretty, and has such a nice voice. from what i heard on invincible youth. and the bo beep bo beep song is a killer. CATchy song lol :3
her beauty desplayed below. *sigh* ❤

^^fierce look! @ the G7 performance.

^^Bo Beep Bo Beep Bo Beep Aaah :3

^^Hyomin w/ Hyuna. Cuties ;3

2NE1 (CL)
CL(Chae rin Lee) of 2ne1 is…is such a cutie. haha i like girls who have that..i guess i would call it “the cat look” where when she smiles her eyes are small like a cat. i don’t know i can’t really explaine but i ike it and it’s cute ;3
here are some examples.
^^that super cute look of hers 😀

^^she looks very 80’s here. i like it though.

^^i love what she’s wearing. the skin tight pants. *sigh* my heart melts ;3

^^ CL’s hot bod, sexy curves lol ;p

4Minute (Hyuna)
Haha oh HyunA, she makes me laugh and sometimes annoyed on invincible youth. she’s not my ideal girl, but she sure dam looks good. i like how she whines on the show, i find it sometimes very cute. i find it cute when any girl is mad, especially if she’s super cute. cause you know…you just couldn’t stay mad at her :3 anyways here’s one of my fave of 4 minute Hyuna!

she has that cute face and feirce look, but looks can be deceiving…and in a good way. cuase when i saw 4minute and Hyuna she looked kinda stuck up and too cool. but watching variety shows and especially invincible youth. she’s funny and sweet, but whiney(in a cute way)

^^she really rocks those holey/cut pants.

^^wow such a hot pose 😀

Honourable  mentions ;3


Seungyeon of kara, well first when i heard of kara, hara goo was the only one i recognized. but after the 4tomorrow girl team up. i fell for her. i love when she’s on the piano ❤ i also am drawn to her smile. reminds me of, again, a cat.

^^ Cute!

^^ Oh! very cute “begging” look. Cat look just does it for me lol ;3

Miryo & Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

^^Miryo of BEG, she is pretty badass, cuase she raps, and her uniforms on stage, are like…uh hot. usually skin tight much like everyone else in BEG. but she wore this one time a full piece skin tight for abracadabra, was so hot haha. She’s cool ;3

^^LOL! oh Narsha! she just kills me. she’s so funny and hot at the same time. i love her on Invincible youth. she’s the unnie(oldest sis?) of the g7 girls. and she acts just, or even more childish then the other girls. she hilarious. lover her.

Uee (After School)

Ah*sigh*ah UEE, Uee uee. i love her look she gives. it’s almost like she’s like…”let’s get it done” the straight forward look, if you will. haha it’s hot. and if she gave me that look in person, or i was near by. it would be like a tractor beam of death. i’d be hooked lol :3

Ga Yoon (4Minute)

Ga Yoon. hmmm i don’t really know much about her, but she looks cute. so thought i’d mention her.

^^Stunning 😀

Dara (2nE1)

Dara is such a cutie. i love 2ne1. i like in the “i don’t care” MV where she gives those mad/angry/upset look, it just kills me. anyways here’s dara and she’s pretty cute :3

Whew! finally done. i was going to add my fave Girls generation member. but i already have a separate page for  her anyways :3 TaeYeon!!! haha

Anyways Support the girls and buy albums and what not!

i’m tired…..